Animal nutrition

Marigold Oleoresin: Also call Plant Gold

Derived from ZRZY thousands acres of Marigold Flower Planting Bases, is a kind of ointment obtained through picking, drying, pelletizing, extraction and concentration process. It’s a natural antioxidant and colorant with high nutrients value, widely used in food, medicine & healthcare, feed and cosmetics industries.


  • Natural Yellow 1.5%~4%
  • Natural Red 0.5%~3%

Rising’s Marigold planting bases in Northeast, West,Central of China,. Fresh Marigold Flowers after picking will be assembled for deactivation and fermentation, and then pelletized after drying and smashing. Marigold Oleoresin is extracted through world leading technology and process.


Paprika Oleoresin:

Derived from our ten-thousand-acre chili planting base, this red oily substance is produced through harvesting, sun-drying, cleaning, deseeding, grinding, granulation, extraction, de-spicing, and refining. It is rich in various trace elements, possessing high nutritional value, and is also a natural coloring agent. It is primarily used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, health care, animal feed, and cosmetics.”

(150-240 color value is made to order)
200kg/drum ;
20kg/Carton Box (5kg×4barrels)



Paprika Oleoresin

Derived from thousands of acres of Rising’s Paprika Planting Bases, is a kind of dark red oil obtained through picking, drying, washing, de-seeds, griding, pelletizing, extraction, de-pungency and refination process. It’s a natural colorant and full of varies kinds of trace element and high nutrients value, widely used in food, medicine & healthcare, feed and cosmetics industries.

Specification: 100,000-150,000CU/kg(150-240 color value is made to order)  

Packing: 200kg/drum ; 20kg/Carton Box(5kg×4barrels)