Plant Extracts


Food Ingredients

Natural Extracts are widely used in meat, pastry, candy, soft drinks. snack food, kitchen ingredients etc. Along with the awareness of mature of food safty and consumption, Natural Extracts will gradually replace artificial chemical  products in food industries.

From farm to table, hotel to kitchen, office to home, our parents, our children, our friends and ourself at all time shall enjoy the most natural and organic food. This is our congenital right.


Feed Additives

Natural Yellow 2%, Natural Red 1%, Hyper Series

Add Natural Pigments in animal feeds as core formula, restore natural growing status of animals, supplement of nutrients in feed raw materials, get animal more healthier,  obtain better meat, skin and sensory performance, enhance the nutrition in food chain, meanwhile to improve the immunity of animal.

By products such as Paprika Meal& Marigold Meal, is the extraction residue with max 6% moisture, natural smell, contains 15% protein and certain amount of fat and plant fibre. It is used to replace a certain amount of feed soya bean meal etc. and to improved the palatability of animals.

Paprika Oleoresin

Derived from thousands of acres of Rising’s Paprika Planting Bases, is a kind of dark red oil obtained through picking, drying, washing, de-seeds, griding, pelletizing, extraction, de-pungency and refination process. It’s a natural colorant and full of varies kinds of trace element and high nutrients value, widely used in food, medicine & healthcare, feed and cosmetics industries.

Specification: 100,000-150,000CU/kg(150-240 color value is made to order)  

Packing: 200kg/drum ; 20kg/Carton Box(5kg×4barrels)