Health Care

Lutein Capsule: 

Source from GAP Marigold Flower Planting Bases, it’s not just a color, but more important in its abilities of antioxidation, elimination of radicals and harmful substances. Science proved,the brightness of color of varies kinds of flowers, vegetables and fruits is right the antioxidation characteristic presentation. Human body can not synthesize these beneficial substance itself but to obtain through Dietary Supplement (food chain). Lutein and its isomers Zeaxanthin is the unique nutrient in protecting human Macula Lutea.

Human body choose to deposite Lutein or Zeaxanthin in Macula Lutea as the essential nutrients, they could absorb and filter harmful lights such as Blue light and UV light that are going in to our eyes.  Now days, human eyes are getting hurt along with aging and frequently using electronic products, functional Lutein dietary supplement is becoming a strongly initiated product.

Main performance:

  • Elimination of radicals and improvement of immunity
  • Protect Retina and Macula Lutea from harmful UV and Blue Light
  • Curative effect against Glaucoma, Muscae Volitants and Age-related Macula Degeneration(AMD).

Gooeeg Egg

Laying Hens are feed with scientific feed formula and products of RISING, the egg is full of varies trace elements, supply Lutein through food chain that human body needs which is also initiated by World Health Organization(WHO).  RISING convert its advantage of industrial chain to consumer goods in order to deliver health dietary pattern.

RISING’s feed formula and products has become the unique China source of Japan Feed Mills. RISING assisted Japan ITOCHU Group developing Lutein enriched Egg as a legal nutrition Labelling , and got obtained official approval.