Derived from ZRZY thousands acres of Marigold Flower Planting Bases, is a kind of ointment obtained through picking, drying, pelletizing, extraction and concentration process. It's a natural antioxidant and colorant with high nutrients value, widely used in food, medicine & healthcare, feed and cosmetics industries.
Above pictures are Rising's Marigold planting bases in Northeast, West,Central of China,. Fresh Marigold Flowers after picking will be assembled for deactivation and fermentation, and then pelletized after drying and smashing. Marigold Oleoresin is extracted through world leading technology and process.
Application in food coloring


Application in animal nutrition


Application in healthcare products


Marigold Oleoresin

Rising Bio-Technology

RISING is one of the earliest companies in China that introduce the farming of Marigold Flower, we own thousands of MUs of planting bases spread in Northeast, Inner Mongolia, Gansu Province etc. RISING cooperates farm best quality Sweet Paprika and Hot Chilli for the extraction of Paprika Pigment, Capsaicinoids. etc.

We are so proud that our industrial chain is carrying good social responsibility by solving 10000 employment of rural labours and bringing higher benefits to tens thousand farmers.